We’re a nation obsessed with celebrity.

Celebrity endorsements are all over our TVs, social media and magazines. Any place you’ll find any sort of advertisement, you’ll find a celeb – one level of fame or another!

But do these endorsements truly enhance a brand and lead to an increase in sales?

In a nutshell, yes, they certainly can and more often than not do. However, there are certain considerations you should take before choosing the right celebrity to represent your brand.

Brand credibility:
A celebrity has more than likely earned their fans’ trust. By using your products, they send a huge message to their fans that it’s a product worth investing in – their own trustworthy status transcends to a pre-bought trust of your brand.

Market saturation:
Using a celebrity to represent your brand helps you stand out from competitors, as well as improving brand recall. In the eternal Coke-vs-Pepsi war, which celebrity endorsers can you remember? Coca Cola has historically held the market leader title, and hasn’t had the need to invest in this element. But over the past few decades, Pepsi Max has had some excellent and some not-so-excellent results from their celebrity endorsements:


Celebrity image:
When signing a celebrity to endorse your brand, you’re taking on the full package, good and bad. The repercussions to a brand when there is a celebrity scandal can be detrimental and brands need to act quickly to let their audience know that while celebrity endorsement is something they will invest in, their morals and values exceed and superstar’s status. In recent news, Suzuki pulled their advertising deal with Ant and Dec two days after Ant McPartlin was charged with drink driving.


Money, money, money:
Celebrity endorsements usually come with a sizable cost – the bigger the star, the bigger the budget. Evaluating an endorsement package isn’t just about the initial cost versus potential returns – endorsement is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re in it for the long haul.

If your company needs help with celebrity endorsements, contact our Client Services team and we’ll make sure your brand stays on the right side of the gossip columns.