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Last week I told you how Twitter and TV are best friends. This week a Twitter blog post revealed some insights into user behaviour during ad breaks, and it might suprise you to know that Twitter can actually act as a force for good if you're a TV advertiser. 

A study of 7000 people concluded:

  • TV only viewers are twice as likely to start flicking through the channels as viewers who are also on Twitter.
  • Twitter+TV viewers showed better TV advertising recall, stacking up to a staggering 25% more than TV only viewers.

So, what does this mean for you if you are a TV advertiser? Well, it means that Twitter users are more likely to be exposed to your advert. They may not always be looking at the TV, but they are more likely to stay on channel and it's that expoure that gives them better recall of your message.


In addition, a little birdy told us that advertisers using #Hashtags achieve better engagement, and it's even greater than you might image. Early figures show that campaigns carrying hashtags generate 42% more tweets than those without. What's more, these tweets have been found to be better quality and much more relevant to the advert in question.

So it's official. A smart Twitter strategy can really help your brand fly.


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