Hot ‘dam we’ve another WPI summit under the belt and have learned a few lessons!


We’re part of the global network of independent agencies, Worldwide Partners. Bound by a spirit and drive for connection, collaboration and creativity, our partner agencies get together twice a year to share insights, explore opportunities and have a right knees-up.


Six of our finest took the trip this week and joined partner agencies from every corner of the globe. Here are ten things we learned:


  1. The recipe for being a good company? Protect your employees; be anti-racist; commit to climate action; promote diversity; give back; and elevate creativity.
  2. There are rules around breaking rules in creativity. Following them will result in award-winning work. Learning them has made us more determined.
  3. Drag bars are a total vibe.
  4. Don’t believe in the Metaverse. It doesn’t exist. But in-game advertising very much does, and it has hundreds of millions of daily active users.
  5. Thriving, future-focused businesses create abundance and possibility. Dying, mercenary businesses fight over the scraps of the status quo.
  6. Project your worth. Always.
  7. Worldwide Partners can’t dance.
  8. But they are a true inspiration to the marketing industry.
  9. Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. And working together is success.


Huge thanks to Cindy Gallop, Ravid Kuperberg, James Whatley, and Blake Harrop for the above inspo. Special shout-outs go to John Harris, Angie Pascale, Fred Pfaff and Eve Riley at WPI for putting on another unforgettable WPI event and to all of the truly inspirational speakers we heard from this week.


And finally — thanks to all of the attendees who come together at each of these events. This is such a special network with a shared vision of collaboration and a commitment to change the world.


“Who doesn’t need a Worldwide Partner?!” Cindy Gallop 2022.