Achieving the dream together

There’s a post which does the rounds on social media every so often. Even though it’s been on the go for a few years, even though I’ve seen it paraphrased a hundred million times, and…
11 May 2023

Social Media Round Up: February

With the threat of TikTok being banned completely in the US, updated music libraries for businesses, Meta verification and Instagram’s new messaging tool, it’s been a busy month for social updates.   Will we be…
6 March 2023

Social Media Round Up: January

With all the madness of the festive season now merely a distant memory, it's back to business. There has been a lot of gardening work going on in the social sphere, with lots of platforms…
3 February 2023

Social Media Round up: November

This month we have updates from LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok. Surprise, surprise there is another update from Twitter surrounding the new Twitter Blue feature. No doubt there will be another update in December, so buckle…
Roman Beguns
1 December 2022