Our TikTok adverts for Dromona have been singled out by the platform as some of the best performing in the food and drink sector worldwide this month and have been shared globally on TikTok’s Inspiration Section alongside international brands like Subway and Tilda.

We were excited to use the platform to raise awareness of Dromona’s award-winning Butter and Cheese amongst younger consumers in new, different and engaging ways.

With TikTok providing an immersive, full screen and sound-on experience, we ensured the creative was tailored around the strengths of the platform. We know that audio is an immediate way to capture an audience’s attention on TikTok so this was central to our creative.

We removed all other audio elements leaving only the SFX to create two sensory ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) style ads. The cheese toastie ad proved particularly effective, almost creating a Pavlovian response when viewed — it’s amazing how inspiring melting cheese can be!

Ardmore advert - TikTok Top Ads
Ardmore Digital - TikTok advert