Filming in lockdown feels routine now. The PPE, the extra monitors, the dreaded stick up the nose. We’re all getting that bit more used to it.

But we still like a challenge…

Make it rain!

The cusp of Spring in sunny Belfast. Surely it’s going to rain, right? Wrong.

In the lead-up to our 2021 film shoot with our Client, Phoenix Natural Gas, we pulled out all the stops to make it pour.

Working with our Production Manager, the Client Services team (aka the people with the unenviable task of taking our creative dreams and figuring out how the hell they’re going to make them a reality) brought the rain to us.

Fast-forward to the shoot. There we are with the whole crew standing outside (2m apart, masks on, looking a bit like a protest group), and we hear the order bellow out: “Bring in the rain machine!”

Kudos to the cast

“Hey, we want you to star in an ad for Phoenix Natural Gas. It’s all about being cosy and comfy right at home with the family. The ultimate homelife happiness captured on film. It’ll be great!”

Fun fact: rain machines are ruthless! As Dad is running from the car to the front door, the cannons start firing. As a team of creatives, we stood by with the power of the gods at our fingertips: “More torrential! Bigger droplets! Now bring them in at a 45-degree angle!”

Poor Dad.

But the result was so worth it! Despite a lockdown and unpredictable weather, we were able to create the exact look we had dreamt up and storyboarded across the weeks of pre-production.

Home means more feeling safe

Admittedly, getting ready to film during a pandemic can be a bit daunting. The Covid test comes back negative, the self-isolating is all to-the-letter, and the thermometer greets you the second you hop out of the car. But there’s still one great big factor that gives you more reassurance than anything: Trust.

That’s what a quality crew will give you.

Everyone is playing their part and following the strict guidelines. No-one needs reminded to keep their distance or to wear their face masks. We’re all there doing whatever it takes to make the final result spectacular.

And we’ll let the finished product speak for itself. Snuggle up and enjoy the Home Means More with Phoenix Natural Gas brand film: