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May Day! May Day!

The US Navy needs your help to crack a secret mission.

Mission: How To Recruit More Effectively

An evil super-villain has stolen the plans for a top-secret Navy weapons project but, fear not, a Navy cryptologist has managed to infiltrate his getaway sub. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to crack his secret messages over the next 18 days and save the world.

So, Project Architeuthis is all just fun and games, right?

Well, it’s actually a genius plan to reel in new recruits and encourage them to hop onboard.

Over the last few years many recruiters have had to come to terms with the fact that the days of putting out a job and hoping for a response are long gone. But surely that’s no bad thing.

Those making real inroads at the frontline will already be using a strategy. So, now it’s just time for them to adapt to the changing terrain.

Whether they take flight with Twitter, man the trenches on Facebook or are all at sea on LinkedIn, the first matter of business is to decide where to deploy their troops.

Bullhorn Reach found that 48% of recruiters use only LinkedIn while 1% just use Twitter or Facebook. A combined approach of LinkedIn with Twitter or Facebook is favoured by 10% and 19% respectively, while 23% use all three.

However, it is the result, rather than the tactics, that a good strategist will measure success.

Those using Twitter get 1.9 times more job views and receive 2.9 times more job applications than those using Facebook, while recruiters who use LinkedIn enjoy 5.7% more job views and a staggering 8.8 times more applications.

They key is to understand your target and use the appropriate methods to communicate with them.

Otherwise, you’ll have a full-on revolt on your hands.


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