What makes a great Bond villain?

What makes a great bond villain? Well, they possess many sociopathic similarities including eccentric personalities, a diabolical plan, and a deep-seated desire to take over the world. One of the most lauded of Bond’s nemeses…
Roman Beguns
31 October 2022

Social Media Round Up

We’ve been busy scrolling through socials to find all the latest platform updates and have compiled a list of what we think to be the most noteworthy of the month. Kicking things off with the…
Cara O'Doherty
10 October 2022
Agency LifeCreative

‘Ardmore Meets’ Jim Magee

Did you know you always wanted to take on a creative director role? What first piqued your interest about this kind of role? Working with like-minded creatives always interested me; the range of difference specialisms, talents…
Roman Beguns
6 October 2022
Agency Life

‘dam good insights

Hot ‘dam we’ve another WPI summit under the belt and have learned a few lessons!   We’re part of the global network of independent agencies, Worldwide Partners. Bound by a spirit and drive for connection,…
Roman Beguns
26 September 2022