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Our Digital Department are like the Usain Bolts of email marketing. Thankfully they don’t feel the need to wear spandex, but they do have the drive to make sure our clients stay ahead of their competition.

This week we flicked the switch on our first responsive emailer.

Gone are the days when customers only checked their emails on one size of screen. Now we all expect to be able to open them whenever and wherever we want, with over 50% of marketing messages being opened on phones or tablets.

So, as the size, shape and orientation of screens reach immeasurable proportions, we decided there had to be a better way.

Rather than our audiences having to zoom in and out to see the email, or worse still, ignoring it altogether, we realized we could use the same approach that we have implemented for our responsive websites.

Now our super-smart emailers resize themselves to any screen, prioritising the most import

ant content. In doing so we can serve the audience artwork that fits in with their world, as opposed to them being expected to fit into ours.

The result? A better user experience that will lead to a better return on investment for our clients.

beauHAUS have already seen seven times more click-throughs, which can then be converted into real sales.

The race is on. Ready, steady, go!


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