Content Marketing has been around for a long time in one form or another, but the past 2 years has seen the term become much more main stream and there's a lot more thought being put into the creation and publishing of digital content.

Savvy organisations have moved away from repetitive shouting about themselves and their products online to talking around themselves, talking to their customers and talking about how they can solve their customers problems.


There’s so much digital content out there now, that it’s hard to stand out and get noticed


Unfortunately though, there’s so much digital content out there now, that it’s hard to stand out and get noticed…. that’s where PR comes in.
PR agencies do exactly that – get you noticed.
PR agencies are experts at getting you noticed  by the most cynical of audiences, i.e. journalists.

We’ve known for years that Google loves inbound links and ranks the quality of those inbound links much higher than it does quantity. Therefore if a PR person can get your digital content piece picked up by a news publisher  – then any references to you, your product or better still a direct link to the original piece on your website, will suddenly carry a lot more weight.

"Huge opportunity for PR in the SEO arena.”

PR can be one of the most powerful levers you can pull to ignite interest both on web and socially. If you don't know who is goingto amplify your content – then why are you creating it?

Know your audience, gear your content toward them, and use traditional PR to make the most of your best content pieces.


For more on this topic checkout this Google Hangout featuring Rand Fishein from Moz SEO. Watch from 6m 13s to about 8m 30s

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