Twilight Super Shoppers

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Forget Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, the real Twilight battle is taking place on the High Street.

Recent research by Tradedoubler has discovered that over half of all tablet owners shop between 5pm and midnight, with 40% of the big online spenders filling up their online carts from 9pm, right up the witching hour.

Add to this the fact that 27% of web purchases are also snapped up in this time period via smartphones and your advertising senses are probably starting to tingle.

Savvy advertisers have, of course, recognised that this fresh blood is not tied to a computer desk, but is in fact dual-screening as they watch Corrie from the comfort of their sofa.

Whilst the likes of The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent have been wowing their audiences just as much with creative hashtags as credible talent, with 57% using their phones for activities related to the programme, the smart money actually lies elsewhere.

Tradedouble have found that 59% of smartphone users and 71% of tablet owners actually use their device to purchase items from the ad break.

However, if retailers want to sink their teeth into this emerging audience, they’ll have to think smart, as well as timing it just right. These potential customers are no longer a passive audience, but keen to be an active part of the process.

So, the key is for brands to have the courage to vamp their campaigns up a bit, by finding a way to engage with an easily distracted viewer who is demanding to be entertained the whole way to the online till.

Get that right and you’ve got the formula for eternal brand shelf life.

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