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Lots of new business wins and digital success mean our team continues to grow. So we’d love you to meet some of the newest members of the Ardmore team.

Without further ado, we’ll let Angie & Darren, new to digital, Drew in the Studio, Miriam and Sarah in Account Management and Sara in LJK, introduce themselves…

We like them a lot. And we know you will too.


Sara McKeown 

What I’ve been up to: I studied Communication, Advertising and Public Relations at Edinburgh Napier University. After graduation, I interned as a communications assistant for The British Heart Foundation and I worked for a travel PR company in London for 3 months before coming back home. And here I am at LJK! Tada!

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy

Surfing: I enjoy using social media (twitter and facebook) to keep in touch with friends from university and love a bit of online shopping.

Reading: I am a complete geek and love reading, I have just finished reading a book called Room by Emma Donoghue.

Asking: We listen to Radio 1 in the office and I am so puzzled as to why the ‘going home song’ is on at 4:20pm…WHO ACTUALLY GOES HOME AT THAT TIME????!!!

How Random! I own about 10 pairs of glasses. I am obsessed with buying new specs.

“I’m loving LJK because everyone is so friendly and I am loving all the hands on experience.”


Angie McKeown

What I’ve been up to: I’ve had a few IT positions, from running an Internet cafe and an online bookstore, through web development and information systems and a couple of mobile apps. But for the last seven years my main job has been as a stay-at-home carer.

Watching: The Big Bang Theory, for Nerd humour value

Surfing: http://applicants.mars-one.com/ Be a real pioneer and apply today for a one-way trip to the new mars colony! You can still have email and limited internet, will have to grow your own food and live in a sealed base, but you’ll get to be in charge of a whole planet!

Reading: ‘The Night Sessions’ by Ken MacLeod. It’s a police-procedural with robots and Artificial Intelligence, set in a future in the wake of major religious civil war. It’s a great mix of weird futurism and down-to-earth every-day Scottish culture.

Asking: Why, oh why did I agree to run part of the Marathon when I can’t run for toffee and haven’t trained?!

How Random! People distracted by incoming email & phone calls experience around a 10pt fall in their IQ, roughly the same as losing an entire night of sleep! http://bit.ly/ah3SaQ

“I’m loving Ardmore because everyone is really friendly!”


Sarah Ellis 

What I’ve been up to: I’ve just graduated from UUJ with a Masters in Communication, Advertising and PR. I’ve also done some promotional work for Cool FM and Peoplepower NI.

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy, The Kardashians

Surfing: Social media sites especially Facebook, fashion sites and seeing what’s about on Youtube.

Reading: Can’t say I’m the biggest reader in the world… could I say magazines?! Anything with a bit of fashion, celebrity news that sort of thing. Don’t even mind which ones!

Asking: We are one of the rainiest countries, yet why do we we always complain about it, and are never prepared for it?

How random! Being a bit of a cheesy pop music fan, I managed to get second row from the front at last year’s Steps concert and loved every minute of it!!

“I’m loving Ardmore because everyone’s so friendly and I’ve got to meet lots of new people. I really enjoy getting to know the ins and outs of how an advertising agency works. I love the fact that no two days are ever the same.”


Andrew Christie 

What I’ve been up to: I’m straight out of Uni.  I did Foundation Degree Creative Multimedia at Queens and BDes Design for Visual Communication at the University of Ulster Belfast.

Watching: Anything HBO – Curb your Enthusiasm, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, the Wire, Eastbound and Down.

Surfing: ilovedust.comseptemberindustry.co.ukreddit.comradcollector.com,

Reading: The last book I read was a short history of nearly everything – Bill Bryson. Currently reading ‘Total Recall’, an Arnold Schwarzenegger biography.

Asking: Where am I going to go for my summer holiday???

How random: Giraffes have blue tongues.

 “I’m loving Ardmore because I’m getting the opportunity to work with and learn from lots of talented people.”


Miriam Pearce

What I’ve been up to: Working with mxb, a small Belfast agency, taking the lead on a not so small client- P&G. And I worked at Poulters in Leeds – in JK’s words, THE advertising agency of its time.

Watching: anything on E!, David Attenborough and I love watching the news with a glass of wine….yes, really!

Surfing: Mail Online, netaporter and of course Brand Republic.com

Reading: Love to wallow in a good biography, trying (for past few months) to read the Celestine Prophecy

Asking: why do I enjoy watching the news??!

How Random: Born on a Wednesday – full of woe, or so they say.

“I’m loving Ardmore because of the large team with a mixed-bag of personalities – though it’s only been a few weeks, so ask me in a year!”


Darran Thompson

What I’ve been up to: I’m a passionate Ruby developer with experience in enterprise application development . I’m also an avid Python developer.

Watching: Good movies!

Reading: Factual books with depth, “The Ravens by Christopher Robbins”, “The Damage Done by Warren Fellows”, “Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer” … Stuff like that!

Surfing: Music, making music, anything music! I don’t surf the internet unless its music or programming related.

Asking: Why do we think we can shape our own future while we’re also the play things of fate?

How Random! The day I was born Israel opens “Good Fence” to Lebanon

“I’m loving Ardmore because it’s creative and challenging, I’m working in Ruby and with a good team of guys. Lovely location with a warm and friendly atmosphere.”

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