As one of the fastest growing retailers in Europe, Lidl has also just celebrated 20 successful years of growth in Northern Ireland. Through a tested formula of quality local produce and low prices, market share growth has been consistently positive. 


On review of sales patterns, the brand approached Ardmore to help provide insight to better connect with the Northern Ireland consumer. We were tasked to help put some colour around the statistics and understand why they shop differently than anywhere else? 


This meant in-depth research into the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours around the weekly food shop. Why, who, where and how people across Northern Ireland keep their family and themselves fed and how we can encourage them to consider Lidl. 

This research informed the brand’s first bespoke Northern Ireland advertising campaign. The aim was to connect with shoppers who love, like and even loathe Lidl. 


+ 6%

NI total Market Share achieved in 2019.

+ 7.6%

year on year sales growth 2019

+ 6.7%

year on year volume growth In 2019


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