It is most definitely a requirement for your social media strategy this year.

What does this mean?

It means integrating your social media campaign with more than one platform.

It’s the norm for brands to launch a Facebook campaign and push a small budget towards boosting a post, but what about hosting your campaign on a different platform and really investing? Scary? Not really, it’s just different, and good different!

Switching up the platforms you spend your social media campaign budgets on is a great thing for your brand. You can build a solid relationship with your audiences across a variety of platforms; increase the size of your audience as well as informing new people of what your brand can offer them.  

Let's talk budgeting…

Begin by focusing your social media campaign budget on one platform. Spreading your budget too thinly across a number of platforms won’t really make a significant dent in what you’re trying to achieve. Of course, if you have the budget to spend thousands across several platforms, then absolutely go for it!


Despite the size of your budget, you really should take some time to consider the audience you want to target. Social targeting is now so specific you can even tap into TV shows people watch, which is excellent for those brands that have a social media campaign, running alongside the TV ad (targeting second screeners!).

You can also target those people who have purchased from your website, specifically offering these people a reward for being loyal customers, or indeed people who have just visited your home page.


If you’re running the same campaign across a number of platforms, make sure to use a hashtag. This will help to join up the conversations and encourage engagement across platforms. You can also use hashtags in press, print, TV and it’s becoming more acceptable to use it on radio especially now that people are starting to understand what they’re for. Check out our recent blog on the use of #hashtags.

We would love to help your brand manage its next social media campaign.

Give us a call or email us, we’d be delighted to share some results and case studies of our recent social media success. 

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