At Ardmore, we’re delighted to be awarded two prestigious and global creative awards for two fantastic campaigns to help raise awareness of vital societal issues.

Creativepool award for Network Rail’s ‘There is Always Hope’ campaign

Firstly in the Creativepool’s Annual 2021 awards, we were awarded bronze for People’s Choice in the TV advertising category for our work with Network Rail. The campaign called ‘There is Always Hope’, was launched when research showed the significant rise in mental health issues across Britain because of the pandemic.

Suicide on the railway is not only a tragic loss of life. It also has a devastating impact on families, passengers, staff, and the wider society.

While some people may be in a dark place, they may not want to end their life, they want to end their pain. The campaign aimed to speak to people who are not actively asking for help, slow their decision-making process and provide them with the support required through the Hub of Hope app and encouraging them to realise There is Always Hope.

Find out how we created the advertising campaign.

Shark Awards win for the Department of Justice campaign

Then came one of the best-looking trophies in the cabinet, the coveted international Shark Award. We were delighted to win bronze in the Advertising Film category for our work with the Department of Justice for a campaign called Ending the Harm, which shows the real-world consequences of illegal money lending.

Illegal loans are often presented as a quick and easy fix. But, the reality is that this is a type of control that can destroy lives and keep communities down. Many victims live a life of dread, in constant fear, isolated, and facing physical and psychological abuse when they cannot repay what they are told they owe.

Through this campaign, we wanted to show the real-world consequences of this plight on communities by telling the story of the devastating impact that money lending has on a person’s life and tackle head-on the lie that money lenders are here to help.

Learn more about the campaign from the advertising case study.

“It’s fantastic to win two global creative awards in a short space of two weeks. On top of that, we are immensely proud of the positive impact this work will have on people’s lives.”

Paul Bowen, Executive Creative Director

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