Suicide on the railway is not only a tragic loss of life, it also has a devastating impact on families, passengers, staff and wider society.

While some people may be in a dark place, they may not want to end their life. Rather they want to end their pain.

The idea was to catch the target audience upstream so that suicide is never considered, by positioning the railway as a place of safety, hope, connections and energy. Somewhere where life begins. The campaign aims to speak to people who are not actively asking for help, to slow their decision-making process and provide them with the support required through the Hub of Hope app – encouraging them to realise There is Always Hope.


This UK-wide campaign was launched with a core film and a wide range of online and offline static assets that portray the vibrancy and life found in railway stations: the ebb and flow of everyday life, the mundane to the surprising, as if through the eyes of a fellow commuter.



‘There is Always Hope’ campaign achieved fantastic results for Network Rail and achieved bronze for People’s Choice in the TV advertising at the globally recognised Creative Pool awards.


Of campaign recognisers know Network Rail is supporting positive mental health.


Of campaign recognisers now see the railway in a more positive light.


Increase year-on-year new users and app downloads for Hub of Hope.


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