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Ardmore is an extraordinary communications business, recognised as one of the leading independent Agencies in the UK and Ireland.

Integrated, passionate, informed, invested and relentless. We are all about finding future advantage for our Clients. Using data and insights we work tirelessly to help you understand complex consumer behaviour today, and, vitally, tomorrow.


Connecting to create change in behaviours, beliefs and habits for commercial and societal benefit.

Globally connected, we are a small but incredibly talented team who think differently from each other, but work seamlessly and relentlessly together.

We are in the business of changing minds, habits and beliefs, positively impacting how people think, and, importantly, how they feel – but only for brands we believe in, brands who, like us, are trying to make a difference.


Tuned in and informed, as shareholders in the world’s largest network of indy Agencies, we offer you access to the latest learnings, tech and best practice from 70 partners across 40 countries. Whatever your challenge, one of us, somewhere, may already have a solution.

Progressive Building Society - Help to find your happy place 3

Progressive Building Society

Silver Hill Duck Campaign

Silver Hill Duck

Phoenix Natural Gas

Subway £3 Lunch Campaign

Subway £3 Lunch