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Every year in Northern Ireland, hundreds of animals are abandoned by people who can no longer look after them. Scores more are rescued from unpleasant circumstances and countless others find their way onto the streets with no apparent history. The majority of these homeless animals have been neglected, many of them have been abused. All of them are innocent and helpless.

Assisi are Northern Ireland’s largest independent animal welfare charity based in Conlig. The vision of the charity is to be recognised as the largest independent animal sanctuary in Northern Ireland and the charity of choice for supporters of animal welfare. Their mantra is to ‘help the helpless’.

To support the charity and all the great work they do, we developed a campaign that would showcase their gorgeous animals and make them famous, with the ultimate aim of increasing donations and increasing adoptions.

An engaging social media video sits at the heart of our campaign activity. Filmed at the sanctuary using the real Assisi stars; the cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, the video, shot as a behind the scenes adoption movie, follows the trend of funny voiceover animal videos. Within the video, the shih tzu Director, voiced by the lovely Julian Simmons, tries his best to control the animals as they audition for the new Assisi movie; ‘Fantastic Pets and Where to Find Them’. From a diva Pomeranian to the Game of Thrones rabbits, the video showcases how each little animal has its own personality.

Our campaign creative uses real photography of the sanctuary pets along with playful typography, set against the impactful yellow background of the charity. Designed to look like a movie poster, there are a lot of rewards hidden in the design for the avid viewer; the reviews are all from previous Assisi adoptees (e.g. ‘I love him more than my husband’), the list of movie credits is actually a list of Assisi sanctuary volunteers and the supportive copy is pun-tastic; a ‘tail of cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits searching for their furreever home’.

Running on social media, outdoor, transit and digital and supported by tactical event activity within Assisi’s sanctuary and their shops around Greater Belfast, the campaign is a puurrrfect watch.



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