Nutty Krust Irwin's Bakery

This campaign has aimed to overthrow the usual messages of January - dieting, exercising & healthy eating. The weather is freezing, Christmas is over, you’re broke and back to work! So Irwin’s is encouraging you to treat yourself in January with quality comfort food.

We created a 96 sheet outdoor and 6 retail sheets in store environments which targeted consumers, putting Irwins front of mind, with our 'soldiers' marching across the board. 

Our radio advert encourages the listener to join the Nutty Revolution whilst the descriptions of the “hot, buttered, Nutty Krust toast,” ignites hunger.

The tone of the stings on Ultimate Ulster (Youtube and UTV Player) are tongue in cheek approach to comforting and warming cheese on toast.

Don't know about you, but we're ditching the kale shakes!


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