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When crime infects your area it spreads fast!  This is the hard-hitting message in the new film ‘The Blob’ created by charity Crimestoppers

While following a fun theme, the message is a serious one aimed at raising awareness of the charity and the vital role it plays in preventing and solving crime in Northern Ireland.

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When crime infects your area, it spreads fast.
Affecting families or streets, and entire communities,
From burglary, theft, hate crime and extortion to intimidation, violence and cyber crime.

You may think there’s nothing you can do about it,
but why should you suffer when the criminals prosper creating fear in your area?

It’s time to take a stand.
The power to give information is in your hands,
it’s your phone, any phone

Call 0800 555 111 and talk to Crimestoppers
You are completely anonymous.
We won’t ask your details, we can’t even see your number.

Crime stoppers is a charity, where YOU make the difference
Call 0800 555 111 and make a difference TODAY.


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