Dale Farm | Protein Milk 2019

The month of January sees an upsurge in people hitting the gym with their new exercise gear and motivation to stick to that New Year’s resolution... but life gets in the way. More often than not, the motivation dwindles after a few weeks and we settle back into that same old routine.

Dale Farm Protein Milk can help you stick to your resolution and get you closer to reaching your goals with 25g protein and only 1% fat (per 500ml serving) to help you refuel, recover, repeat!

Dale Farm are proud to sponsor Ulster Rugby and the Queen's University Elite Athlete Programme & GAA. Working closely with these partners has facilitated the inclusion of imagery and testimonials in the campaign creative which highlight how the product enables these top-level competitors to achieve their goals as part of their sports nutrition plans.

This campaign is live across digital output to include Facebook instant experience, Instagram story, Facebook promoted post, Taboola and an extension across Dale Farm’s microsite.

See in-situ's of the Instagram Story ad below:


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