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When MCS Group told us they were a lead sponsor and exhibitor at Belfast's Digital DNA conference, we knew we needed to design something to attract the attention of visitors. We decided to develop a game to attract, engage and importantly capture some information from visitors.

The fun aspect of gaming, the competitiveness and the ability to show on a big screen what players were doing in real time meant that for MCS Group - the Career Catch game helped to deliver 450 qualified leads in its first outing. The game can also be used by MCS for many more events to come.

Since the introduction of the iPad, you no longer need to ask people to write out their details or leave a business card. With an iPad in hand - you have your contact database with you, and a means to validate the input to eliminate email address mistakes. It's a much more subtle way of asking for extended information about your visitors likes and dislikes.

Does your business involves exhibiting at industry events, conferences or even schools & colleges or do you have a need to capture valid, clean data about your customers - perhaps in a showroom or retail outlet? We can build and adapt a data capture solution to suit your audience and your business needs.

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